Further Reports & Papers

Vets speak out

We are all veterinary surgeons – either clinicians or scientists and are dismayed that there is avery real prospect that this government will pursue the cull of badgers .

Information on Krebs and RBCT

An overview with data and Information on Krebs and the Randomised Badger Culling Trial.

Defra Scientific Investigation Report

A Science Base for a Sustainable Policy to Control TB in Cattle.

Defra paper on Vaccinating Cattle

Options, frameworks and economic consideration for vaccinating cattle.

Badger Vaccination Deployment Program

Gloucestershire vaccination strategies, implementation and program.

Defra Measures to address bovine TB in badgers

What’s the problem, Why is government intervention necessary.

Possum Control in New Zealand

Details of the current policy used in New Zealand. A 53% reduction in TB was obtained by restricted cattle movements.

The truth about 1080

Controversial possum control had wide reaching impacts on flora and fauna.

Bow Group report

Conservative Think tank the Bow Groups detailed report publishes urges ministers not to proceed with the slaughter.

Diva Report & Study by Whelan

Development of a DIVA Skin-Test for Bovine Tuberculosis from the Veterinary Research Laboratory.

Defra Pre Movement

Booklet explaining regulation and restrictions of cattle movements.

Nature News

A common parasite disguised the presence of bovine TB.

The Krebs Review

In November 1996, Professor John Krebs FRS began a scientific review on behalf of the Government into badgers and bovine TB.